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Endless ATC is an easy to play simulation game, where you are an air traffic controller at the approach radar of a busy airport. The goal is to guide the planes safely to the runways to get a high score. If you make no errors, the number of planes you have to control gets larger and larger. How many flights at a time can you handle?

The game shows you a tracon radar screen with locations of planes and runways. Arrivals and departures will appear randomly. The interface is simple, but the simulation is on scale and the planes behave realistically. So: easy controls, hardcore simulation. If you're unfamiliar with aviation, please read the instructions first.


• Select a plane, give it a descend instruction (to about 2000 feet), guide it to the blue line at a large distance from the runway (there are arrows to help you), and give it clearance for an ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach, which means it will follow the line to the runway like in real life. It's also handy to check out the screenshots and the video.

• In order to land, a plane must comply to three conditions:

  1. the ILS mode of the plane is activated,
  2. the plane is descended low enough to intercept the glideslope; the blue circles mark the heights of 2000, 3000 and 4000 feet,
  3. the plane must intercept the ILS at a heading of 50 degrees or less with respect to the runway (in reality they use 30 degrees).

• If you do this correctly you will gain skill points. You can also lose skill points when planes:

  • fly too close to eachother (overlapping circles and altitude difference <1000 feet),
  • leave the airspace (outer grey circle), also if they are departures but leave the airspace or below FL90,
  • missed approaches / go arounds,
  • area violations / flying through weather.

• The amount of planes that you have to control is about the same as the amount of skill points you have: the higher the skill value, the more planes you have to deal with. You can also achieve 'goals' by landing a certain amount of planes without mistakes.

• Challenge yourself even more by enabling crosswinds and thunderstorms!

• Some planes have an additional tag, for example 'RD'; only these planes need to land on a secondary airport.

• The full version now includes lots of variation with 9 airports: Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson, Paris Charles de Gaulle, New York JFK, Tokyo Haneda, Toronto Pearson and Sydney. Or create your own airports, by editing text files.

• In the menu there are options including speed multiplier, radar update rate, and a custom traffic mode for a more relaxed gameplay: set precisely the amount of traffic you like.

Updated: 23 Nov 2021 (v4.8.1):

  • Added 2 more  scenarios (totalling 6); see traffic menu at EHAM.
  • Many improvements to the custom airports feature.
  • Bugfixes and adjustments.

    For more detailed instructions, changelogs and questions, see: startgrid.blogspot.com


    • endless amount of planes, multiple runways,
    • give radar vectors like a real air traffic controller,
    • realistic mechanics and pilot behavior, but easy to play,
    • amount of traffic adapts to your skill level,
    • automatically saving game; resume where you left off,
    • choose from 9 different airports (EHAM, EGLL, EDDF, KATL, LFPG, KJFK, RJTT, CYYZ, YSSY)
    • text-to-speech output


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